Olga Kundina – Artist

Born in Russia, in 1965. At the age of 10, began art studies at
a private art school (studio) in Moscow. Continued studies at
the Moscow School of Applied and Decorative Art, graduating
in 1983. Studied at the Moscow Institute of Graphic Arts from
1985 to 1990, graduating with a Master of Arts degree in Graphic Design and Illustration.
While at the Institute, participated in National Art Exhibitions of Young Artists. Joined Association of Russian Artists in 1989. She has done an “aliya” [immigration to Israel] in 1991, lives and works in Jerusalem. Since 1997, lives and works in Rosh Pina.

1975 – 1980: The School of Decorative Arts, Moscow
1980 – 1983: The Studio of Yuri Zlotnikov, Moscow
1985 – 1990: The Institute for the Graphic Arts, Moscow
B. A. in Graphic Design and Illustration
1989 – Member, National Union of Young Artists, Russia.
1991 – Living in Israel
1992 – Member, Union of Artists and Sculptors- Jerusalem
Group Exhibitions:
1992 – Artists House, Jerusalem
1993 – The Jerusalem Theatre
1994 – Maayanot Gallery, Jerusalem
1995 – Pucker Gallery, Boston, U.S.A.
1996 – The Knesset, Jerusalem
2007 – Wilkomitz House, Rosh Pina
2008 – Museum of Eastern Art, Moscow
Selected Exhibitions:
1995 – Nora Gallery, Jerusalem
1999 – Gevanim Gallery, Jerusalem
2004 – Nora Gallery, Jerusalem
2009 – Ephrat Gallery, Tel Aviv
2010 – Craft Gallery, Hotel Spa Mizpe Hayamim
Artists House, Jerusalem.
Private Collections:
Israel, U.S.A., Russia, France, Australia, South Africa, England


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